65 people a day are moving into Wake County

“Triangle Housing Market Continues Rapid Growth” headlined by TWCNEWS.COM…..”65 people a day are moving into Wake County”

(Cary-Raleigh Realty, Inc. comment: we expect certain subdivisions in the Cary area would exceed the 4% average. The off season market in the Cary area is still very active.)

“According to Realtor.com, the Raleigh-Cary market ranks eighth in the nation for housing growth, with home prices expected to rise just over 4 percent, and home sales expected to rise over 7.5 percent in 2017.

In the Durham-Chapel Hill market, the price surge is expected to rise 2.55 percent. Sales are expected to rise 8.95 percent.

Realtor Will Wofford said Raleigh’s economic boom has been great for business, but it’s leaving the area with fewer housing options.

“65 people a day are moving into Wake County,” Wofford said. “They’re not building anymore real estate. So I mean, you’ve really got a lot of demand for lots in close proximity to Raleigh. So prices are going up. And I feel like it’s a really good investment, right now.”” excerpt from the article.


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