Raleigh Best City to Live in Southeast

Raleigh is Best City to Live in Southeast according to Money Magazine. (Note: The Best Place to live in North Carolina is Cary.)

“Raleigh has made these best-places lists a lot. So often, in fact, we started feeling a bit jaded about them, even smug. We could recite the reasons why without pause: good schools, reasonable cost of living, great place to raise a family, booming local economy. But this time it’s different. We’ve got grit. We’ve got smells.

Of course, Money also notes that we’ve got miles and miles of greenways and are just a short drive from the beach – because sometimes you need to wash off the grit….

….Mayor Nancy McFarlane said many people still don’t think of Raleigh as a big city. So the affirmation is nice.

“People feel like they have the advantages but not the headaches of living in a big city,” she said.

While the list points out Raleigh is a magnet for families, it also comes in at No. 10 on Money Magazine’s list of the best places to be rich and single. Charlotte didn’t make that list either, and in a comment that must hurt our friends in the Queen City who are so proud of their banking status, the magazine suggested “it’s all the bankers in town” that bring Raleigh’s median household income to more than $57,000.

But we should note that Money did not consider Raleigh the best place to live in North Carolina. That distinction went to Cary…” excerpt from the News Observer article.


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