Cary Raleigh Realty along with Asian Community in the Carolinas rallies around local healthcare workers!

Cary-Raleigh Realty hands with nearly 20 Asian organizations in the Carolinas in five cities in North and South Carolina to donate masks to support front-line medical personnel and vulnerable groups affected by the epidemic. A total of 269 donations were received from institutions and individuals, totaling $49750, as well as a large donation of PPEs. According to the current incomplete statistics, a total of 32517 N95 and medical masks, 500 goggles, 1500 masks and 581 protective clothing have been raised and donated in 16 batches to 10 areas in South and North Carolina, more than 60 hospitals, clinics and other first-line medical institutions. At the same time, it is also donated to a number of elderly centers, express companies, post offices, farmers’ markets, Food Pantry and other industries of high-risk groups. Nearly 100 volunteers participated in donations from all over the world. Contributions plus donations totaling nearly US $100,000.

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