Cary’s Parks Department Wins Top National Award

Cary’s Parks Department Wins Top National Award

“It’s one thing to tell your friends and family out of town that Cary has the best parks and facilities. It’s another to be able to point to the gold medal Cary got for the best Parks and Recreation department in the United States. And now, that’s exactly what you can do….

“It’s the extensiveness of our programs, our well-designed facilities and our many unique features,” McRainey said, pointing to the Hemlock Bluffs Nature Preserve, Koka Booth Amphitheater and Cary’s many sports facilities as examples of diverse and unique parts of the town.

In addition, Cary has 35 parks and 82 miles of greenway.

“One thing people universally praise about Cary is the quality of our parks,” McRainey said.

McRainey said the quality of the Parks department is a reflection of one of Cary’s top priorities.

“Cary and its citizens embrace quality of life,” he said. “And the town makes an investment in that system.”

With the Gold Medal award, McRainey said it is not just an affirmation for his department but for Public Works and the entire town.

“When people talk about how much they love the parks, they’re talking about how well maintained they are,” he said. “I split this award 50/50 with the town staff that make Cary great.”…” as reported by Cary Citizens.

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