Homeowners on the Move Are Choosing More Affordable States

Homeowners on the Move Are Choosing More Affordable States

For our friends in CA and NY/NJ, you would not be surprised by this report. North Carolina is mentioned that more people moving into North Carolina from other states than moving out of NC. Most the people chose the Triangle area to settle because of the job market and being an international city, we believe.

“Homeowners making moves out of state are increasingly selling out of expensive markets like California, where price escalation is steep, and buying into lower-cost markets such as Texas and Arizona, according to an analysis by data company CoreLogic.
Overall between 2000 and 2015, 2½ home sellers left California for every out-of-state buyer coming into the state, the study found, whereas in Texas, Arizona and North Carolina there have been more buyers coming than sellers leaving. That trend has accelerated as the housing recovery has progressed, with out-migration increasing among homeowners in fast-appreciating markets like California and Colorado, and decreasing in more affordable markets such as Texas…..” as reported by WSJ.


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