Chinese Investors Pour Money into US Property

An interesting article from about Chinese investment in commercial properties in the U.S. (See the link below) We see Chinese investors bringing money into our local residential and commercial real estate market (Cary, Raleigh markets). We expect this trend continues as more Chinese investors start to discover the economic strength, talents pool, technology clusters, great universities, quality of life, mild weather and Southern hospitality of the Triangle area.

“Chinese Investors Pour Money Into U.S. Property” headlined by

“China Life Insurance teams with U.S. developer to purchase Manhattan office tower that houses UBS” sub-headlined by

“…Commercial property sales have slowed in the U.S. this year—but Chinese investors are continuing to plow money into the market.

So far in 2016, Chinese companies have purchased or are buying 47 U.S. properties worth $9.3 billion, according to deal tracker Real Capital Analytics. That makes them the most active foreign buyers in the U.S., with more than double Canada’s $4.2 billion worth of deals.

By contrast, for all of last year Chinese investors did 71 U.S. deals worth $6 billion….

…But buyers from Asia, the Middle East and other parts of the world often are more motivated than domestic U.S. investors. Many are eager to diversify. Others are concerned about risk in their own countries.

Until 2012, the Chinese government prohibited the country’s insurance companies from buying foreign property. With those restrictions lifted they are flexing their muscles throughout the world…” excerpts from the article.

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