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“One of the main goals for the Triangle Business Journal (TBJ) is to promote the development of enterprises in the Triangle area of North Carolina. To that goal, every year TBJ select the top producers among the 9000 licensed real estate professionals and teams in the Triangle area and recognize those individuals and teams at the award ceremony held at the Prestonwood Country Club in Cary. This year, Hannah Chan (Cary-Raleigh Realty, Inc.) originally from Hong Kong received the 2016 Triangle Business Journal Residential Real Estate Award (Individual) – Ranked by Transactions (# 1 in the number of transactions in 2015), the first Asian (Chinese) woman receiving such an honor.

Hannah and her husband moved from the Bay Area, CA to the Cary Raleigh area in North Carolina 11 years ago because “they wanted to find a nurturing and healthy environment to raise their daughter”. She says, “There are three reasons for selecting Cary Raleigh area as their home: first, affordable home prices – one can purchase a “mansion” in the Cary Raleigh area at a similar price for “an old cottage” in the Bay Area; second, the residents in the Research Triangle Park area are mostly professionals – family and education are their virtues; third, beautiful environment with plenty of trees and flowers, mild climate and low crime rate – “a paradise for the middle class”.

After deciding to settle in the Cary Raleigh area, Hannah started the home buying process. Through the process she was inspired to become the expert in real estate sales transactions and property investment by getting specialized designations and certifications through advanced studies such as the Graduate Realtor Institute and Triangle Relator Leadership Academy. She started her own company, and now has a team of seven including English, Chinese (Mandarin), Cantonese, Fuzhou and Hindi speaking real estate brokers.

Hannah Chan had 126 sales transactions in 2015, an average of 10 transactions per month. She says, “this high transaction rate is attributed to social media marketing, words of mouth, high client satisfaction, excellent client testimonials and more importantly referrals by friends and clients.”

Majoring in Accounting in college, she worked as an auditor in Deloitte accounting firm before turning her passion in the real estate business. She says, “I like to help people make money in real estate sales and property investment, and am most satisfying by seeing good return on investment in my client’s sales transaction and investment. I am not just someone who just handles the sales process but seeing myself as the gatekeeper for my clients – looking out for their best interests and providing them the honest analysis (advantages and disadvantages) and market insights to the property being considered — the key foundation of our company brand reputation.”

Hannah says, “with grateful and thankful heart in giving back to the Chinese community in the Triangle area, last year, she purchased the 901 Professional Center buildings in Cary with an architecture like an emperor courtyard in Beijing, named as “North Carolina Incubator”, to provide affordable office space to aspiring entrepreneurs, start ups and SMB (Small Medium Business) from the Chinese community in the Triangle area so they have an opportunity to build and nurture their fledging businesses into enterprises. Now there are many new businesses at the “North Carolina Incubator” including legal, insurance, mortgage, business consulting, venture capital, home inspection, mortgage and other services serving the Chinese community at large in the Triangle area.”

以促進北卡三角地區企業發展為宗旨的「三角商業雜誌」(Triangle Business Journal),每年從該地區將近9000名持有執照的房地產經紀人中,選出成交次數最多的房地產經紀人,於普雷斯頓鄉村俱樂部頒獎表揚。今年該項榮譽由來自香港的陳海娜(Hannah Chan)獲得,是該獎有史以來第一位亞裔女性得主。






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