Apex and Cary among the top 10 Happiest Suburbs

Cary and Apex are among the top 10 Happiest Suburbs in America as ranked by MOVOTO.com.


Tied with Newton for No. 5 on our list is Apex. Locals of this Raleigh suburb are lucky enough to enjoy the third best income ranking on our list as well as the sixth best safety ranking. The majority of people here are married, and most have a college degree. People here are smart, caring, on the wealthier side, and tend to own a home rather than rent.

There are also plenty of events for kids, like easter egg hunts and a ham toss. There are parades, farmers markets, parks, music venues, and more. No matter how you like to have fun or unwind, Apex is the pinnacle of making you smile.


At 145,693 people, this Raleigh suburb is the largest place in our top 10. Its ninth place safety and ninth place marriage ranks start things off, and when you add in the 16th best income rank and the 11th best education rank, you get a pretty upbeat place to call home.

Low average commute time and a fairly low unemployment rate help make this place a little less stressful for workers, so those with a job need not worry so much. If you do need to unwind, this place has a festival for everything: arts and crafts, cultural events, wine, food, music, even a day to celebrate local bands.” as reported by MOVOTO.com


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