Cary Economic Development Updates

From Cary Mayor’s blog: economic development updates for Cary (good read and good news for Cary)

Economic Development Report

The committee’s last item was a review of economic development in Cary. Here are some of the notable items from this report:

Cary’s unemployment rate is 3.7% as of the end of September.
Wake County is 4.5%, North Carolina is 5.5%, and the United States is 4.8%.
Align Technologies, maker of Invisalign, announced its first east coast operations in Cary. They plan to invest $4 million and create over 100 jobs with an average of $109,000. These will be mostly IT jobs.

DB Global Technologies will be expanding by adding 250 jobs over the next two years. The company plans to invest $9 million through the end of 2016. This will bring their employment in Cary close to 1,000 jobs with an average of $86,000 annually.

There has been interest expressed to locate a large group with about 500 jobs to downtown Cary. They would need 100,000 square feet of office.

CoFounders Capital, located in downtown next to the Cary Theater, continues to make investments in local startups. Since opening in July they have made six investments totaling over $1.8 million dollars, and they currently have 12 different companies working out of their space.
There are numerous medium and small companies that continue to express interest in relocating in Cary.

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