A Nobel Prize Comes to Duke and UNC

A Nobel prize comes to Duke University and UNC-Chapel Hill. Congratulation to Duke and UNC.

“Paul Modrich, the James B. Duke professor in the Department of Biochemistry in the Duke Medical School, has been awarded one-third of this year’s Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his four decades of work on how mistakes in the DNA code are repaired.” as reported by Duke Today.

“This year, a scientist from Duke and one from UNC-Chapel Hill are sharing the Nobel Prize in Chemistry with a Swedish scientist. Their work independently focused on DNA repair, something they have studied and advanced for decades, and a field that one day could lead toward cell repair for cancer treatment.

And that’s about as technical as any layperson should get. Paul Modrich, 69, of Duke, Aziz Sancar, 69, of UNC-Chapel Hill and Tomas Lindahl, 77, of Sweden work in a world understood by a relative few. But they understand it, and their tireless research will one day better the lives of humankind.” as reported by The NewsObserver.


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